The Travel Ban - Unalternative Facts & Actions to Take

Muslim Ban 2.0 // Taking Action

This week, the Tr*mp administration has signed a new executive order revising the earlier Muslim Ban that was struck down by the courts—but don’t be fooled, it’s still a Muslim Ban, and it’s still unconstitutional. As we all know, unless something was planned as a trilogy, the sequel is rarely better. If you felt outraged by the first one, don’t let the fact that this has happened before, or that it’s on a more attenuated timeline, make it any more “normal” and any less horrifying. Here are some actions to take. Pick any that work for you!


Click here for a Sample Scripts for Senators/Congresspeople who have spoken out against the order, those who have not issued a statement, and those who have issued a statement in support of all or part of the new Executive Order. 


On Monday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) launched a website called “Register Me First,” which aims to challenge all of the Islamophobic policies coming out of the Tr*mp administration, including the Muslim Ban and the proposed Muslim registry. If you sign up, you will be updated on any ways to express solidarity with American Muslims, oppose the Tr*mp administration’s restriction of civil liberties, and become a part of the broader movement.


Donations to CAIRACLU and the International Rescue Committee are a great place to start! Unless you’re already a monthly donor, know that making a donation to any of these organizations—even $5 or $10--in the wake of an event like this is a way of making your voice heard and showing your support.

Unalternative Facts on the Muslim Ban

FACT: This travel ban applies to six countries: Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. Iraq was included in the previous ban, but is omitted from this one. Source: NYTimes
FACT: Provisions for religious minorities (ie. non-Muslims) from those countries, which was part of the original bill, have been scrapped. Source: NYTimes
FACT: This ban does not affect visa holders or green card holders. Source: NYTimes
FACT: The policy will be rolled out over a ten day period from Monday, unlike the first ban which was to take immediate effect. Source: NYTimes
FACT: There is a four month hold on refugees from anywhere in the world. This means that refugees who have already undergone months or years of vetting and are in the very late stages of their processing are stranded with serious medical conditions requiring care, or in very dangerous conditions. Source: NYTimes, The Daily (Podcast)
FACT: This order, like the previous order, has a lower cap on the number of refugees that can be admitted to the country this year. Instead of 110,000 refugees admitted during the fiscal year that ends September 30th, this order will only allow 50,000, and we’ve already taken in more than 37,000. SOURCE: NPR

Does it make us safer?

FACT: The majority of terrorist attacks committed on US soil since 9/11 are by native-born citizens who have become radicalized, not by refugees. And none of them were carried out by a citizen from any of the countries that are on this revised travel ban. Source: NPR
FACT: Iraq was removed from this executive order at the request of Secretary of Defense James Mattis and State Department officials. They had been in contact with Iraqi security officials, who were worried that the ban would turn public sentiment against the US and endanger the efforts to defeat the Islamic state. Source: NYTimes

For a few opinions on whether or not this ban makes us safer see links below. 

-Michael Hayden, former director of NSA and the CIA under President George W. Bush. Global News & Washington Post
-William Owens, the father of William “Ryan” Owens, the Navy Seal who was killed in the operation in Yemen in January. Miami Herald
-Neal Katyal, former acting US solicitor general under President Barack Obama. The Rachel Maddow Show 

For summaries on these opinions click here.

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