Women Working for Women was founded by Halina Newberry Grant, Jennifer Horan, and Sara Kubida in direct response to the threats towards women’s rights in the United States upon the election of Donald Trump. Like many women we were blindsided by his election. We were seeking a place for positive, supportive action in the face of the overwhelming negativity that had permeated our newsfeed and airways for the past year and a half. We quickly channeled our feelings of overwhelm, defeat and anger into creating a Facebook group that could be a hub for women of action. A place where you could connect with other women, learn more about specific bills, movements, causes, etc., post and find tangible ways to volunteer and take action. Much to their surprise, so many other women were seeking a similar such place and the group quickly grew to over 4,000 women strong in just a couple of weeks. 

We believe in the power of women united. WW4W is an online and now real-world community designed to CONNECT, INFORM and UNITE women on a grassroots level. Outside of the Facebook group, we help organize community events where we bring leaders from causes, both locally and nationally, to discuss their missions and ways in which we can align and help. We currently have community chapters in LA and NYC, and have chapters rapidly forming in Washington DC, Denver, Seattle, Maui, San Francisco and many others.

How we’re different: We are a group of women-of-action seeking to help foster community, unity and mobilize ALL WOMEN regardless of beliefs and affiliations by creating channels of action to better our communities, nation and protect our rights. We aim to cut some of the information and energy overload by curating calls to action, open up respectful forums for real discussion and ultimately be a force of good. We don’t want to compete with any group or organization, but unite and promote one another to bring about real change.